Western US 2015. I think this is day 7

How quickly things change.

Such a great ride yesterday you’d think we were going to stay on the road for a month. We were pretty stoked about heading east. Until this morning…

Nothing drastic happened. We just both got up in a different frame of mind. I had been awake quite a bit thinking about Arlene’s shoulder but there was something else. I couldn’t put a handle on it but I had a definite feeling of uncertainty. Arlene said she felt something too. Nothing like dread or anything, just uncertainty. When things like that come out of the blue we have learned to listen to our guts. Our intuition hasn’t failed us yet. As a matter of fact, my 6th sense has kept myself and others out of danger many times in the fire department over the years (not that we feel in danger at all, just emphasising how much I’ve learned to trust my senses).

Anyway, we decided to head more in the direction of home rather than away from home. That’s the cool thing about not having a schedule or destination: you’re not going to disappoint anyone if you change your mind. I had my travel agent cancel our reservation in Salina, Utah and book a spot in Elko, Nevada.  Basically north instead of east.

Since that is a bit of a lope we dragged our heels over breakfast discussing our decision and options. We saw some roads in Idaho on the map that we haven’t ridden so we felt pretty good about taking an unintended route. I hope this will encourage anyone who faces a decision to regroup and reroute to take it as a positive thing and make the best of it. And to trust their instincts. If you’re on the road already, it’s all good. If you’re not, then there’s always another time.

Anyway, we slid out of Ely on 93 north. The route was duck soup, following 93 to 229 then on I-80 to Elko. The rub was that there’s no fuel after Ely until Wells and we were going to bypass that on 229. It was going to be nip and tuck with one fill but we didn’t really want to take the long cut to Wells (especially since 229 looked interesting and we’ve done 93 to death). It was like digging into a truck load of gravel. You start off thinking “more than enough” then things gradually look a little tense, then just near the end, “No problem. What were we worried about”. We slid onto Elko with fumes to spare – probably a couple of litres. Thanks to no wind, straight flat roads (except 229) and cruise control we stretched those tanks about as far as we could – without hitch hiking. On 229 we found ourselves in varying country so were very judicious about our speed and shifting. It was worth taking 229 because it was a local back road through a long pass between mountain ranges filled with neat rancheros.

Anyway, a cake walk of a day with a good ride under our belts. Kicking back with a few Caesars, planning our route into Idaho-west tomorrow.


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