Western US 2015 day four

Nothing spectacular today. Just a great day on the road.

The three firefighters we met last night were in the breakfast room. The plan was to get an early start but BS’ing with firefighters wasn’t in the plan. We sent them off with fairly detailed info n roads where they were headed in BC.

Off we went at 9:30, so not as laate as the last mornings. Weather was cold but when the going gets tough the tough turn on the electric jackets, heated grips and stereo. The highway that was quite mountainous  along with high altitude valley was today almost exclusively high plain/desert. Most was pretty decent road surface. Our destination was Susanville, CA., about a 500 km day. Not tough, just steady.

We ran onto a couple at a rest stop who had just come off CA 49, our intended route. Apparently it’s full of 15 mph corners. Arlene had a tough time with her shoulder in the mountains on 395 in OR so we felt we should consider another route. CA 49 isn’t going anywhere in the next while and there’s no sense pushing something that causes her significant pain. Not only that, she can’t react the way she should when her shoulder and neck get as tired as they did the other day.

I just about forget. Well, actually I did. Today the 395 was “the road of the exploding bird”. As has happened on occasion, a grayish, striped bird did a Kamikaze run on my bike. Sometimes they’re close and  you know they’re ok. Other times it’s like watching a home run: you know it’s going over the wall. Well, I knew this guy was done before he got to the white line. He hung up in the space between the right crash bar and the fairing lower. Arlene saw it too, then ran through the cloud of feathers from the exploding bird. Last time it was a pheasant that I had to do a bit of dismembering to get out. This guy stayed for a mile or so then finally slid into oblivion. Sometimes it’s a bug, sometime it’s a  bird. Glad I didn’t get it in the face.

Looks like we’re heading east a bit early. From here we’ll set ourselves up for NV 50 – The Loneliest Road – the day after tomorrow. Never been to Lake Tahoe. Now it looks like it’s off the list.

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