Western US 2015: almost last day :(

Lots of time to think but not look around.

Ontario, OR to Yakima, WA. Interstate all the way.

So, the questions was asked, “Self, what’s the difference between a long, straight, two lane road through central Nevada and a long, straight road (for the most part) from Ontario to Yakima? One has character to spare and the other – well, character doesn’t enter into it”. Honestly I had to think long and hard to provide a fair answer to that one. To be honest there is so much here that I can’t possibly put it all down without spending all night at it. To make a long deductive process short, I came up with a few interesting thoughts. Trust me, there’s tons more.

On the back road you have less traffic alright, but the nature of the traffic is significant. Folks are just as likely to stop if they suspect someone is in need. They are more likely to be engaged with the journey, not the destination. On a back road you can stop anywhere, any time even if it’s in the travelled portion of the road (we did it) as long as there are significantly decent sight lines. Pull off the freeway on the shoulder is… hazardou

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