Hello there, and welcome to A Guide to Motorcycle Touring, where we discuss motorcycle riding – touring in particular – offer some background in riding technique and perhaps entice you to hit the road by chronicling our own adventures on the road.

Riding means something different to each individual rider. There is a common denominator in each permutation however, and that is Freedom. Freedom itself means different things to different people, but even so, those who experience it understand one another when they meet. We ride Harleys on paved highways and byways, yet when in Alaska we enjoyed a campfire with a couple of dual sport riders on a BMW and a KLR who sought out the backroads of that vast land. The same thing brought us to that place at that time and we spoke the same language. My wife, Arlene, came across this video that pretty much says it all. Take the time to listen to the words. If you ride – really ride –  you will understand completely. If you don’t ride and you feel what the song says, you are a rider at heart.

“… we  see more through our sunglass lens,
than you’ll ever see in your Mercedes Benz…”



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