Ron’s Ride

Ron Remenda.

I’m feeling kind of melancholy at the moment. September 7, 2010 our friend Ron Remenda passed away suddenly. He left us way too early but knew he was on borrowed time, having suffered a heart attack several years earlier. Ron lived his life to the fullest, enjoying the ride and the friendship of those who would ride with him. Arlene and I were fortunate enough to be among his friends, sharing the road with him for thousands of miles.

Sunday, September 9th, 2012 several of us rode to the Canyon Alpine restaurant near Boston Bar to share memories of Ron. The run up the canyon was one of Ron’s favourites and all of us had been there with him on several occasions. All good memories from those rides. Some were lunch rides, others were the beginning of longer rides. It felt good to be with some of those friends again.

The gang minus Mike.

I often recall Ron tutoring me in the subtleties of leading a group and his advice has served me well over countless miles. I couldn’t help thinking of him several times as I led the group on Sunday. I hoped that he was there with us but somehow the lead position seemed a very lonely place that day, so much so that I commented on that to Arlene that evening. At times I felt detached and that it was really Arlene in #2 and Mike riding tail that kept the group together. I wanted Ron to be in my rear view mirror but he was not.

…and one with Mike.

I miss “The Little General”, perhaps more now than when  he was first gone. The good part is that Arlene and I both remember the great times – the special times that are shared when you’re on the road. Good times that inspired Mike to laughingly say after Ron’s sage advice on how to use the night latch to hold the motel door ajar, “Ron puts the ‘Ho’ in Hotel”. 🙂

I like Arlene’s farewell to Ron; “RIP – Ride in Peace, Ron”.

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