Road trip 2015: Day5

High plains drifters, we are.

Susanville is a nice town. About 6500 folks live there. Decent motels and all that stuff. Not a bad place for a hub if riding northern California or simply as a starting point.

We were off in decent time this morning. The motel handyman had lots to talk about but not the hold up we had the morning before. It can be tough getting out of a motel in the mornings on a bike. Someone always wants to talk about the bikes. We often experience that on our own but I don’t recall anyone wanting to talk to “the gang” when we were with a group. Maybe we aren’t as intimidating when it’s just us.

We got a weeny taste of 49 when we headed toward Lake Tahoe. Continuing along 345 we connected with 70 (I think) then onto the very northern end of California 49. So far we have been in the high plains – verging on desert a couple of times – but the character of 49 was an instant diversion from that. Right away we were in the mountains. The first town was Sierreville, an old town with character to spare with the mountains closing in. Too soon we turned onto 89 heading into Truckee. What a cool name for a place: Truckee. It was obviously one of the hub towns for the Squaw Valley Olympics (can’t remember what year) which is nearby. Truckee is a combination of White Rock and Whistler all rolled into one. It was time for a butt/lunch break but this wasn’t the place. We carried onto the other side of the Interstate fueled and got a lunch at McD’s since the town had no real mom and pop places anyway.

Carried on down 89 to Lake Tahoe. If we knew then what we know now we would have jumped on the Interstate and bolted for Carson City. Tahoe is  GIANT Whistler. THe whole lake perimeter. Very slow going, couldn’t stop anywhere for people. Didn’t even get a photo op along the lake.

One good thing – at least for our doubts. Of course we had a lot of shifting (read: clutching, for Arlene) and her shoulder was killing her in no time, so cancelling all of 49 was a good call. It’s even higher on my list now after this morning’s taste. My recommendation to anyone heading to this area: give Tahoe a pass unless you plan to take in any actual activities at the lake -hiking, boating and such.

We set the GPS for Carson City HD (we’ve come to a peace agreement now that I know how to control Jack’s volume) and got there without a hitch. Needed oil and our years of T shirts are actually dwindling, so picked up the oil and a few T’s there. You know, of course, that we don’t buy local Harley T shirts. The salesman pimped the new 2016 Harleys to us and they looked pretty good so had to get the hell out of there.

From there we jumped onto US50 (actually got on at Lake Tahoe) headed for Fallon NV for the night.

Very likely plan change: We heard from Arlene’s cousin Tony from the UK who is in the States on a holiday. We might be able to cross paths in Page, AZ. That’s do-able for us time-wise. We’ll see how that goes after we get to Ely, NV tomorrow night.

Tomorrow is US50 across Nevada – the Loneliest Road. We get to see the western half that we missed a couple years ago.

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