Our training days come to an end

Training Tara

All of our lives are never static. That’s a good thing most of the time and although we wrestled with a tough decision for a couple of days, it has definitely turned out for the best. We have spent our last day with the riding school where we trained new and advanced riders for the last two years. It’s a decision that was thrust upon us by an unfortunate turn of events that caused us both to be uncomfortable with our surroundings at the school. It was difficult at first since we were enjoying the opportunity to train others. We relished the challenge and Arlene was setting herself up to become a certified trainer next March; she would have been awesome because she is already an effective and creative trainer. Oh well, c’est la vie.

Another excited student

We chose to leave rather than wait for changes that possibly would never come. Once the decision was made it was like a weight had been lifted from both of us. I had already been regretting the sunny days, few and far between, that somehow always saw us on the lot. I was also watching as our summer seemed to be slipping from our grasp with more and more classes being booked. “No riding for you!” the soup Nazi seemed to say. Now our life has opened up as it was intended. Our two year run was an excellent experience, improved our own skills immensely and allowed us to work with some very nice students, helping them spread their wings.

Some have said “You’ve finally come to your senses”. We say “We’ve enjoyed our time and now were moving on”.

See you on the road.

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