On the road again: Road trip 2015

Day one and two

The plan: head south to northern California, take in the north east corner including #49 – the route of the gold seeker in of all years – 1849. Head east from there – probably #50 in Nevada – The Loneliest Road (it’s got nothin’ on anything in the Yukon and Alaska) then through Colorado and Kansas (because we’ve never ridden there yet) then on to the Dakotas (because it’s better to ride the Black Hills any other time than Bike Week) and Wyoming (because we love Wyoming). Oh ya. Then home. That’s the plan. We’ll see.

Had a late start yesterday, September 4th. Dragged our butts, forgetting that the border would take some time. Decided to take #9 from Burlington to #2 but hit a detour – lost an hour there. Cut over to 9 further south and onto #2 just in time to hit the rain. 🙁  This was Arlene’s second run over the summit. The first was her first big ride. Dragged ourselves into Wenatchee in time for happy hour (we’re always in time for happy hour). Bad night with the TV on all night over our heads. No problem, we’ve had worse, if you know what I mean. 🙂

Got a decent start this AM heading for Pendleton, OR. We had a handle on the route but decided to see of the GPS thought like we did (we like to put the motel address in so we don’t have to hunt it down at the end of the day). It had different plans so we argued at a couple of intersections. I won and it finally agreed each time but it got even in Richland, letting me know that it was damned well going to get back to it’s own &@(&@# route no matter what. No worries, just a scenic drive  through downtown Richland, WA for no good reason.


Wind?! we don’t need no stinkin’ wind! Believe it or not most of it was at our back except for about an hour or so. Not lane-changing wind but pretty tough sledding. No tunes on that streath – just concentrating on keeping between the lines. Can’t beat the Columbia Valley for wind. Kind of like death and taxes: It’s a sure thing. I was worried about Arlene but in her classic way she relieved my fears, “After Oklahoma Nothing bothers me”. Love that gal. 🙂 She’s one tough rider

Anyway, old routes so far and we’re now at happy hour in Pendleton. The real ride starts tomorrow on 395 south right out our front door. I don’t recall riding that road yet so looking forward to that.


Anyway, the bartender said I’m falling behind. Catch you tomorrow. 🙂


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