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Tips on anything to do with traveling by motorcycle.

Gotta love thunderstorms

We’re camped in Medicine Hat at the moment. Don’t let me fool you. We’re in a motel. It’s just a figure of speach. (For our American buddies – that is actually the name of a place) Last night I had a … Continue reading

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Riding Gear. And you thought the bike was expensive!

Yes, buying riding gear can be like buying software after getting the computer – secondary sticker shock.  Let’s not even talk about accessories. Because this blog is primarily about touring, I’ll be writing about protective gear from a touring prospective … Continue reading

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Towing with a bike

Over the years I have heard many fairy tales  about towing a trailer with a bike and every one was told by someone who has never towed one. We have towed a light trailer and a heavy one with brakes … Continue reading

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CO poisoning on a bike?

In 2006 we were riding to Alaska from our home in Langley. We rode north through BC with the route becoming more and more remote the further north we got. Anyone who rides long distances knows that it’s not unusual to get a … Continue reading

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Thunder Road

This photo was taken about 20 km east of Winnipeg at the longitudinal centre of Canada. If you’re looking for a photo-op with some bragging rights, this is one place: half way between Cape Spear, NL and the Yukon/Alaska border (we’ve been to both … Continue reading

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