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My wife and I, Arlene and Ed Pretty, tour extensively by motorcycle. From our home on the west coast of BC, Canada, we have travelled well over 200,000 km (125,000 miles) to Alaska (within spitting distance of the Arctic Circle), as far east as you can go in North America (Cape Spear, NL) and as far south as Phoenix, Arizona (so far). We’ve also been to the U.S. Atlantic coast in North Carolina. Already an experienced rider with 30,000 km in the front seat, this was Arlene’s first cross-continent ride on her own bike. We have made life-long friends while traveling across Canada and the US; themselves, also victims of the call of the road.

For a couple of years we worked as motorcycle skills trainers for Open Road MC School training new riders. After hearing about our adventures on the road, students and experienced riders alike indicated their interest in learning about those things that have made life on the road easier and more enjoyable for us, thus the inspiration for this blog.

We had considered writing a book, but we felt that sharing our knowledge on a blog would allow an even greater experience through the interaction that it would provide. To that end, we extend an invitation to anyone who cares to share their experiences to join in discussion. Most importantly, we invite those who are about to turn their bars toward the open road for the first time to ask whatever questions that may come to mind. Hopefully our stories will motivate and inspire those who yearn for adventure to take that first step. We will do our best to offer any suggestions, opinions or alternatives to encourage you on your way.

By the way, if you’re wondering where the picture at the top of the page was taken, it’s looking north toward the “Red Grade” at the south end of the Wind River Canyon south of Thermopolis, Wyoming. The picture is entitled “Red Grade Rider”.

Using the Site Map to access “Categories”

The Site map page provides and easy way to navigate through the site by topic, or category. Some topics may appear in more than one category. Simply scan through the categories to view posts on any topic that may interest you. The posts are chronological with the most recent at the top so the site map is an excellent way to get to the start of a category – like the first day of a trip. 🙂

Ride Diaries”  chronicle our travels. There are sub categories for each trip listed by destination and year. I hope to include past trips and that category will be included under Ride Diaries. Some of these stories will be from manuscripts printed in Canadian Biker Magazine in past issues.

Travel Tips” is exactly that. We have traveled by motorcycle together well over  100,000 miles, towed trailers, camped and stayed in the finest (well, almost) hotels. We offer our experience in various posts in this category.

Riding Tips” is inspired by the countless questions that we have encountered from students and experienced riders alike as well as knowledge gleaned from other riders over time. No “campfire” (in campgrounds or motels) at the end of a riding day is ever without a “how to” discussion. I was a certified motorcycle riding instructor and Arlene was my assistant on the lot, in traffic and in class. Although it was never worth her while (for $$ reasons)  to become an instructor, she was more capable than many certified instructors, especially with students who lacked confidence or self esteem.

General” will become the holding pen for such topics as human interest or general interest – all relating to riding in some way.

We welcome comments and questions an any of the posts on this site. We will endeavour to make this an enjoyable site for anyone to read. If we feel the need, we will edit comments for format, however without altering subject matter. In other words we will edit any profanity but not alter what you are trying to say. 🙂

6 Responses to About

  1. Jen Shauer says:

    Hi Guys!

    Just checking out your new sites as per Arlene’s post on Facebook. Looking good! I will definitely check this blog out when the day comes that I am ready to ride beside Josie and Warren instead of behind them. 🙂 Impressive mileage you both have put on. New learners will certainly have an advantage on the road with both your knowledge, skill and experience to help aid them in riding safe.

    All the best.

    • admin says:

      Hi Jen,

      Sorry I’m late getting back. We’re home now, had a great ride. Arlene is becoming an awesome rider. We’re having fun with the blogs. Just put the Gallery page up on the woodturning blog this AM.

      Might be a while before you hit the road on two wheels, what with the kiddies and all, but good luck, you’re heading in the right direction. 🙂

  2. Ed Kilner says:

    I have a life-long desire to ride from the Toronto area to BC. I have a friend on Vancouver Island who has cautioned me about snow in the Rockies. Could you do an article in Travel Tips to
    -advise good months
    -discuss Canada vs US routes and times (want to go one way and return the other)
    -give any other advice you choose.

    Really enjoying your blog.

  3. admin says:

    Hi Ed,

    Great name. 🙂 I don’t think I replied to your comment. If I did, it seems to have gotten lost in the process. Sorry about that. I have just been tidying up the whole site because it’s going to be highlighted in a new iPad magazine and caught your comment in the process.

    Anyway, back to your request. A quick reply to your questions – just in time for next year. 🙁 Good months to travel in any mountains ( lots of high passes) is generally (mid) June to (mid) September and you can push those boundaries. We have been caught in September crossing the mountains between Oregon and Reno in early September at about 8000 feet. In general, don’t be completely surprised if you encounter a snow storm anytime in the summer, however that is quite rare and short lived.

    As far as east west routes, there is always #1 but through the prairies #2 and 20 are good as well as #2 in the States. Along the north side of Superior and the south route up through Michigan into St. Charles and Kenora are both nice rides.

    Again, very sorry this is so late. If you took a trip, let me know how it went.

    I’ll try to work up post on this topic. Thanks for the inspiration.


  4. Michelle says:

    I have googled tow swivel hitches for motorcycle trailer and when click on it, it opens to your sight. Do you sell them and If so how much?


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